RageSouth Rakkas Crew




Brand new madness from South Rakkas Crew in this double single release.

“Inatwist” has a rude bwoy vibe with some seriously dark undertones. The deceptively simple melody and lyrics, when given a close second and third listen, reveal a personal tale of being in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship. Its pretty damn deep.

Champagne features Jamaican Dancehall artist Rage with an energy packed ode to the “Champagne Shower” a.k.a. “Champagne Facial.” The hype music behind the song is called “Champagne Bubbles Riddim” and is sure to be a future classic for beat maker D-Rakkas. Could there be more artists coming and blessing us with another mad SRC juggling?

Available 10/02/2014

1. Inatwist (feat. Rakkas Kinck)
2. Champagne (feat. Rage)