Bassic Division – From Cuba To Kingston (2017) Album


Sello: Bassic Division Music AB
Fecha de Lanzamiento: 5/6/2017

  1. Searching (feat. Jesse Royal)
  2. 100 Lbs Of Collie (feat. Cornell Campbell)
  3. Fire Caan Cool (feat. Kabaka Pyramid)
  4. Sal Del Medio (feat. Ras Luiz)
  5. Raggamuffin Business (feat. Mr Williamz)
  6. Heat Air Water (feat. Exile Di Brave)
  7. Politrix (feat. Luciano)
  8. More Fire (feat. Capleton)
  9. Dubster
  10. Mek It Play (feat. Cali P)
  11. Su Peso Sobre Mi (feat. Eme Alfonso)
  12. Equal Rights (feat. Hijakkah)