Anthony MalvoAnthony RedroseCapletonDelly RanxSizzla


Anthony Malvo – Stronger (2013)


Producido por: Real Music Productions

1. Hot Outta Street
2. Cyan Draw We Out (feat. Sizzla)
3. Ungrateful
4. One Day Rude Boy (feat. Capleton)
5. Want It All (feat. Anthony Redrose)
6. Go To Have Faith (feat. Determine)
7. Jah Is
8. Jah Is Merciful
9. Jah Will Be There
10. Mama Cry
11. Perhaps
12. Never Leave You Lonely
13. Girl I Love You (feat. Delly Ranx)
14. Never Leave
15. Over and Over
16. Spoil Fi Me Woman
17. My Heart Belongs To You